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Easy Green Screen
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Creates retro and lomography style images........very cool effects.

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12/14/2014 - Easy Green Screen Pro 4 is nearly complete! The target release is 4/30/2014.

2/14/2014 - Hot Folder has been reelased. Currently it is being offered at 50% off for the inital product launch! It is able to process up to 10 actions per image in either batch processing or hot folder mode.

About Our Plugins

Our plugin filters are designed to be simple to use and powerful at the same time. Because our software is written in the AES programming language, it allows us to build more complex filters. This is the same programming language that is used for some of the more complex Photoshop features such as Photomerge, Image Processor, Contact Sheet, etc.

Standard plugins written in C language are limited to importing and exporting a single layer. Instead, our plugins can build multiple layers and masks. Building multi-layers filters allows us to do a lot more with our software. For example, Easy Green Screen can output a layers mask along with spill correction layers. This way, the user has the individual layers to fine tune as needed. Most of the other green screen programs available only output a single layer with transparency making it impossible to fine tune the mask after the filter is ran.

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